The Mama Necklace

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I am so in love.

Tali Gillette makes these incredibly sweet & lovely necklaces. They come in different shades of gold & as sparkly as you want them! Remember, Mother’s Day is creeping up, so stop by & drool over her entire collection (like I do, all the time) and then leave hints all over your house.

Bumbleride: The ride of your life.

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Our lovely friends at Bumbleride just released this video. Go take a look!

Bumbleride: The Movement Collection.

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Bumbleride has just topped themselves with The Movement Collection. This collection will be shipping in April and featured in two colors- Jet, a sleek black; and Fog, a warm grey. It will be fitted on our Indie (all-terrain model), Indie Twin (double all-terrain model) and Flite (lightweight/umbrella model). Oh I am so coveting these, especially now that I live in the rainy state of Oregon.

Bumbleride is an innovative lifestyle company that creates baby mobility products for today’s modern family. Founded in 2004 by Matthew and Emily Reichardt, new parents at the time, they were met with disappointment while shopping for a stroller for their daughter. This noticeable gap in the stroller market led the Reichardt’s to do what most would not: they set out to design and manufacture their own line of high-quality, modern strollers with eye-catching colors and innovative features. This led to the Movement Edition which was recently announced.

With Bumbleride’s deep roots in Southern California, the Movement Edition was a natural extension to Bumbleride’s passions, staying active via action sports and the outdoors. The founders and many employees are avid action sports enthusiasts and when the surfs up, like to catch a few waves or two. Movement Edition features water-resistant sport fabrics, SPF 45 sun canopies and striking color combinations. This collection was inspired by and designed for the active, action/sports lifestyle and has a very unique and sophisticated look compared to other strollers in the industry. This Edition is the first of its kind to be offered to action sports parents. Inspired by Southern California’s surf and skate culture, Movement Edition strives to offer what action sports parents have long been waiting for- cool functional products suited to their lifestyle that make their lives easier with baby.

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Luna & Stella: The perfect sparkle for the holidays!

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Every girl loves a little sparkle. If you say otherwise, I’d say you were lying. I mean, I’m queen of the tomboys. My husband even gave me a vintage Raleigh 3-speed when we first got engaged instead of a ring! But even I’m wooed by the sparkly stuff from time to time.

Luna & Stella makes a simple but lovely collection of jewelry that is really affordable. Their main focus is on birthstones but these little teenys are so cute, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that they were being bought not for sentiment, but for fashion. The second I laid eyes on their Crescent Moon birthstone rings I was in love. They fit together so sweetly & I can add to them if I want! (Although, my husband may have a heart attack if that happens). I constantly get compliments on them, and they can be dressed up & down. It’s nice to have a fancy little reminder of my girls with me everywhere I go.

Luna & Stella has pieces available in Sterling, Vermeil, and 14k Yellow or White Gold, so whatever your budget may be, they have something in your price range. They also have completely customizable Moon & Stars and Birthstone charm necklaces as well as stacking eternity bands. Partners, I have just solved all of your holiday shopping dilemas, You’re welcome. Head over to right now and buy something sweet for your favorite mama!

Lunchskins for your Munchkins!

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I kind of have a running theme of lunch-related stuff going on here, don’t I? Once again, I’m back with another awesome lunch-related product: Lunchskins. Founded by 3 moms: Kristen Quigley, Cris Bourelly & Jennie Stoller Barakat, They saw a void, and filled it with awesomely fashionable & durable reusable lunch bags.

Lunchskins come in 3 different sizes (Snack, Sandwich & Sub) and a wide variety of bold & graphic prints (I’m partial to the polka dots myself). They are hand sewn right here in the US (yay!) with food safe cotton fabric that’s coated with a grease and moisture-proof, food-safe polyurethane lining that is certified as lead-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free. You guys, you can put these babies in the DISHWASHER! They have an awesome velcro strip that goes all the way across the top to keep your snacks safe and there’s even a spot to write your kiddos name! Or your name, if you brown bag it to the office. Lunchskins are really durable, I love them. V isn’t in school this year but we load these up with snacks whenever we head to the park. We’ve been using them almost daily for about a month now and they still look brand new. I especially love to use these in the car; as an avid hater of the “snack traps” these are really easy for V to hold herself And I can open it halfway just to be on the safe side spill-wise.

Honestly, these would be so great for other uses as well: travel, sewing kit, crayons, makeup. I’ve actually just started a new diet & I’ve been using these frequently to store pre-measured snacks for myself throughout the day. I love these bags! Lunchskins will run you between 8-11 dollars but are well worth it and so sturdy! Stop by and see for yourself!

Get hooked on Ditto Hangers!

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I hate hangers, do you? The way they always get hooked on one another and then start an avalanche that ends up in a big tangle? Gah! So lame. I tried to go the route of wooden hangers but unless you spend the dough to get the good ones, they just split in half. So dear readers, I have found the answer for those of you who also suffer from hanger hate: Ditto hangers!

Did you know that every year EIGHT BILLION hangers go into the landfill? That’s insane! Hangers can last over a thousand years and are full of stuff like the always dreaded BPA and Benzene….and it all gets leached into our ground water. Ditto paper hangers are made from 100% recycled paper and 100% recyclable PET plastic. They use soy based inks, starch based adhesives and are certified to be non-toxic. Using Ditto hangers will save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, 4000 kw of energy and 7000 gallons of water (for 1 ton of paper over virgin paper). Can the crappy hangers you are using right now do that? I didn’t think so.

Gary, the awesome CEO of Ditto very kindly sent me some ditto hangers to test. I love them. Not only are they really easy to manage, they come in a wide variety of sizes (even kid sizes!) and are super flat, so you end up being able to hang more clothes. I’ve been using them in V’s closet and I definitely want to order more (especially since we left all of our hangers back in Rhode Island!). And as you can see, they also make great teething toys (I kid, I kid…) I had a picture of our closet originally but this one is way cuter.

Ditto designs hangers for your business and your home and they are very good at it. They have a great FAQ section on their website so you can read all about how beneficial they are. You can read Gary’s bio here and you’ll see for yourself what a spectacular & talented team he has with him. Fun Fact: Gary & I were also born in the seaside town. Small world!

A 10-pack of regular 17″ hangers will run you about 15 bucks, which is a small price to pay to have the peace of mind that you are contributing to one of the worst offenders of the landfills. They are sturdy, holding up to 20 lbs and light and they look really nice in your closet! Everyone should use these, really. see the entire line of Ditto hangers here and shop shop shop! Your local landfill is counting on you!


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Okay, is there anyone out there that doesn’t like BlaBla? I remember seeing them when I first got pregnant with V and I was so happy to see simple, beautiful soft toys for children. BlaBla was started by BFF’s Susan Prichett & Florence Wetterwald after a trip to Peru. They were so inspired by the amazing knit goods they saw there that they decided to start their own line of knitted products for our little ones; lucky us! Susan & Florence both have awesome bios, get to know a little more about them here.

BlaBla started with sweaters & hats and has now expanded to the most amazing dolls, rattles, blankets & puppets amongst other things. Susan generously sent us two BlaBlas: Celeste, a classic BlaBla Baby Doll for V & Clementine the monkey, another classic BlaBla for Clementine (of course). V has wanted a doll for ages but I was hesitant after a quick search of the interwebs showed me nothing but dolls with too many accessories that usually talked or did something else creepy. When V saw Celeste, her eyes lit up. She brought her along to school every day this summer (where I hear she was very popular with the other girls) and she sleeps with her every night. She is so soft and huggable & V loves her to pieces. The same can be said for Clem & Clementine, they room in her crib and are rarely ever apart! The photograph above is from the first day they had them & could not get them to stop playing for even a second so I could get a clear shot!

BlaBla dolls are produced in Peru by local artisans. They use hand picked cotton, dyes that have been safety tested & polyester fiber filling. BlaBlas meet all US & European safety standards. They can be hand washed or cycle washed (on gentle of course) and hung or laid flat to try. We haven’t had to wash ours yet but V often wants to take Celeste into the bath with her (insert toddler eye roll here).

I love these dolls and so do my girls. They are so lovable in design & materials you just want to snuggle with them. Knowing that they are made safely & fairly is a great thing and they are so cute that you always want more. V has already informed me of her love for Lola the Rocker & Bamboo the Panda…. You can view there whole line of dolls here but don’t forget to check out there lines of backpacks, paper goods, clothing and other great stuff at Oh, and don’t forget to check out their sale section!

Reusable Bag Round-up!

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Reusable bags, almost everyone uses them now, and they’re just smart. I’ve been using them for years and years now and now my plastic bag collection is long gone (Thank God). Here’s my problem though, I always forget my bags in the car! So, I’ve been on a kick looking for awesome reusable bags that are compact enough that I can always have a few on me. I also think it’s really important to not only set a good example for my daughters but to teach them just how important actions like this are. Not to mention they come in really handy when you need a bag for whatever random kid crap you either need to tote along or happen to pick up along the way. So, without further ado, Here are the ones that now save me a trip out to the car (and look really good too).


Envirosax makes the prettiest bags. I’ve always heard people rave about them but I had never used one myself until they sent us one of their exclusive Sesame Street bags. First of all, V was so pumped to have a shopping bag with Cookie Monster on it that she claimed it as her own (I’m pretty sure that we are going to have to buy the rest of this collection). She loves having this bag at the grocery store and we always get compliments on it. Not only does this bag look great, it is a total workhorse as well. When you’re done using it, It rolls up and has two straps that snap that hold it together to hold it in place. Easy Peasy. It doesn’t have the long straps I usually prefer but I can still get it on my shoulder & it’s a nice bag to hook on a stroller handle. Envirosax had a massive collection of bags, from kids to organics, you can view their entire collection at:


Baggu Bags are awesome! They are huge for reusable shopping bags, they hold a TON of stuff.
We tested the straight up Baggu: They are 6” deep, 15” wide & 25” high and hold up to 50 lbs. Insane. Baggu bags fold flat into a square pouch so they are nice & slim, taking up almost no space in your purse or bag. This is my go-to bag for the really heavy stuff: canned goods, water, rice, etc. and it holds up like a champ. My favorite part about Baggu is that the more bags you buy, the cheaper they are! With almost 50 colors/prints/sizes to choose from, it won’t be hard to fall in love with more than one. You can see the entire Baggu collection by visiting:

Riesenthel Mini/Maxi shopper

These were the first really compact shopping bags I had & I love them. They are big, strong, a lovely shade of red & the pouch they come in has a little clip on it so I can clip them to my keychain when I use them & not lose the pouches (although I think that now the newer models zip closed). Riesenthel makes awesome bags (In fact, I have a review of there awesome Mother & child bag coming up soon, so check back!), that’s what they do. And they are AWESOME at it. I could spend an entire day looking at bags on their site, not kidding. I have had these bags since 2006 and they are still as perfect as the day I bought them. The Mini/Maxi’s are a bit different now, but only design-wise, I think the handles are longer, which is a quality I definitely like in a shopping bag. You can see their whole collection at

Flip & Tumble 24-7 bag

These Flip & Tumble are my personal favorite and I’ll tell you why. These bags come in little stretchy pods that stay attached to the bag itself. There’s no neat folding, not special pouch I have to keep track of, I can just shove it all back in the pouch and flip the lid over to make a cute little pod. Flip & Tumble bags are made from ripstop nylon, can hold up to 2x an average plastic grocery bag, are machine washable & they come in insanely cute colors. These bags also have one nice long strap which makes them really easy to sling over your shoulder and they stay there. There’s also a nifty little piece of felt at the top for comfort, how considerate! My shoulders thank you. I use these a lot when V & I bus it to the grocery store, which is often now that we’ve left our car back in Rhode Island. Flip & Tumble also does the “the more bags you buy, the cheaper they are”, which is awesome. These bags are great for anything, I never leave home without them. Flip & Tumble also makes really great produce bags (which we also use and love), mini-totes, pouches and larger shopper totes too! Visit them at

These bags are all so great. I love not having a whole milk crate & then some overflowing with random tote bags that I’ve picked up over the years. Now my collection is neat & tidy and loaded with awesomely strong & compact bags! What are your favorite reusable bags?

Say goodbye to achy eyes: Gunnar Optiks

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Nowadays we all spend countless hours in front of a computer & it’s wreaking havoc on our eyes. Being a blogger and a parent means that I do a lot of my writing at night after the junior mints have gone to sleep. Harsh bedroom light & tired eyes make it even worse. Alas, I have discovered the solution: Gunnar Optiks!

Gunnar Optiks makes “digital performance eyewear” using i-AMP lens technology. To quote the website, they are: “Comprised of a proprietary lens material in an advanced geometry and finished with custom tuned lens tint and coatings, i-AMP lens technology can deliver an immediate and noticeable visual advantage in the short term, and provide performance in the long term”. All I know is that they make my eyes feel amazing after a long bout of writing, editing photos, reading gossip rag sites & researching. They are incredibly light, so they are easy to wear for long periods of time, incredibly durable (a big Thank You to Violet for testing that one out) and they have awesome spectrum control. After a couple of weeks of wearing these whenever I’m at the computer, I have definitely seen & felt the difference. No more stingy eyes, no more bouts of just sitting in my chair, rubbing my eyes endlessly. My husband is a software developer/ Graphic Designer and he steals them from me all. the. time. Except he totally wants a pair of the MLG Legends (shown above) so he’ll “look like Walter from The Big Lebowski”. I wonder how many times I’ll hear “I don’t roll on Shabbos”! if I actually cave & get him a pair. Eyeroll.

Gunnar also makes super stylish Outdoor & 3D eyewear. I am so happy to have found these; take THAT computer! Please visit and check them out. You can find them on Facebook & Twitter as well!