PLAYMOBIL: teaching toys & Holiday Giveaway!

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I have always loved PLAYMOBIL. Always. I remember going to friends houses when I was small and being envious of their collections. Now that I have children of my own, it is my mission to expose them to PLAYMOBIL toys. They are great teaching toys and have almost *any* theme you can think of so the possibilities are endless. I’m not kidding, they even have Gauls.

V is just starting to get into imaginary play and it’s important to me that her play also has substance. Last year we bought her a dollhouse, with furniture but no family. We’ve slowly been adding to it and she loves the single figurines by PLAYMOBIL. Every once in a while we take he to this little toy shop off of the island & we’ll get her a figure for her dollhouse (we like her to have a diverse family…). She always picks a PLAYMOBIL figure. The best part about these toys is that no matter what, they always spark a conversation. The last figure she got was a Lady vet w/ a horse, so we talked all about vets & horses. We must spend a good 30 minutes in the PLAYMOBIL section of this store just talking about all of the different ‘people’.

Last week, V got her first PLAYMOBIL toy. I was just about as excited (if not more) than she was. Jesse & I poured through the catalogs wishing we could buy her everything as we waited for school to end. We gave her the Deep Sea Diving Bell when she got home. She loved it and of course needed to take it into the tub immediately. It was easy to put together and it’s insanely sturdy. I watched her in the tub with this diving bell, it was so amazing to see her play with it and incorporate all of her other bath toys into the scene. It’s one of the handful of toys that has totally sparked the imagination in her. Really, she’s been lowering it off the bed ‘into the ocean’ for days now & we’ve been talking about the ocean a lot. Of course it helps that we live right near one!

This holiday season PLAYMOBIL is curious as to how you might or already do use PLAYMOBIL toys to create ‘teaching moments’. These could range from teaching about numbers by counting the pieces of a toy to teaching what doctors do and how hospitals help people using the PLAYMOBIL Hospital set. They have kindly provided me with a Shark Diver & Divers in Tropical Reef to give away to two readers. To enter, leave a comment on how you would do so with any of the PLAYMOBIL toys on their website. I will choose two winners at random on Dec 17th so you can have it before the holidays (hopefully!). Tweet about this giveaway, follow PLAYMOBIL on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook and you’ll get an extra entry for each!

33 Comments on “PLAYMOBIL: teaching toys & Holiday Giveaway!”

  1. 1 JC said at 10:57 pm on December 6th, 2009:

    my gosh, the nautical animals. Toby has been so into the whole “whales breathe air and are not fish” thing. Does fish vs mammals count as a teachable moment??

  2. 2 debbie said at 11:01 pm on December 6th, 2009:

    I’ve been cruising the Playmobil stuff for weeks now, trying to figure out which one to get for Harry. I love how many different cultures are covered–that Masai warrior is just amazing. That could really spur some interesting conversations.

    Off to tweet, follow Playmobil, and become a fan–four entries! Woo hoo!

  3. 3 Belle said at 11:09 pm on December 6th, 2009:

    We have the shipping set – can’t remember the name of the set but it has a truck and loading dock and packages – and it’s great for demonstrating how people get things from the warehouse to the stores!

  4. 4 growfamilygrow said at 1:43 am on December 7th, 2009:

    Love playmobil too. The laundry set up would be a learning experience for Bean. Lord knows she doesn’t see either her dad or I iron, ever! Will go an Tweet about this ASAP!

  5. 5 Kristin said at 1:08 pm on December 7th, 2009:

    I can imagine talking about how fish breath versus how people and animals breath with the underwater set. But my boys would go nuts over the rescue sets. We could talk for hours about how the fire engine works and why they need a latter, etc.

  6. 6 Sheila said at 8:03 pm on December 7th, 2009:

    “Teaching moments” are talking to your child during his play about what he is building, thinking, or the story he is acting out. I have been buying Playmobil for about 37 years, ever since they arrived in our area. I started buying for my son, and then added to his large collection when my daughter arrived 9 years later with the dollhouse, etc. I now buy for my 3 grandsons. I like that Playmobil doesn’t need batteries, or make noise, or flash graphics. I like that the kids can let their minds wander, and their creativity soar.

  7. 7 Kristie said at 9:27 pm on December 7th, 2009:

    I would love the Nativity Manger + Three Wise Kings to teach my kids about the story of Jesus’s birth :-)

  8. 8 Katie said at 12:21 am on December 8th, 2009:

    I would use the Fire Rescue – Starter Set to teach about fire safety!

  9. 9 Melissa said at 12:42 am on December 8th, 2009:

    I could use these to teach about underwater animals!

  10. 10 Robin H. said at 3:50 pm on December 9th, 2009:

    I’d love to use the diver sets to teach about underwater life. We go to the Aquarium a lot and it would be fun to incorporate the toys into a visit!

  11. 11 Robin H. said at 3:51 pm on December 9th, 2009:

    I’m a fan of Playmobil on facebook!

  12. 12 Michele P. said at 11:08 pm on December 9th, 2009:

    I like the fact that the Playmobil toys actually show real jobs that people have as well as places, such as rescue, police, hospital, farm etc… you could actually build a community of these toys and teach your little ones about what firemen do, what farmers do, what a hospital is for, etc… I have never seen Playmobil before, and think its great that I got a chance to see such nice toys. I have a 6 mo old grandson who will be grown up fast enough, and I will make sure he will have some fun Playmobil sets to play with!

  13. 13 Michele P. said at 11:10 pm on December 9th, 2009:

    Playmobil FB fan M Pineda

  14. 14 Molly said at 5:36 pm on December 11th, 2009:

    The other day we were using toys (including Playmobile) in the tub. I was teaching my daughter about what sinks and what floats!

    Playmobile toys really get my daughter’s imagination going. She’s love this giveaway!

  15. 15 jessica c said at 1:15 am on December 13th, 2009:

    I love all the Egyptians play set. I would love to use this to teach my son about other parts of the world

  16. 16 Rondah said at 5:48 pm on December 13th, 2009:

    I’d use the farm set to teach about animals
    zachsgran1 at yahoo dot com

  17. 17 Rondah said at 5:50 pm on December 13th, 2009:

    follow playmobile on twitter
    zachsgran1 at yahoo dot com

  18. 18 Kerrie G said at 2:07 am on December 15th, 2009:

    I have never heard of Playmobil before today. I have 3 boys who I know would enjoy these toys. Currently we are working on the names of colors and shapes and I think that Playmobil could be used to help teach these concepts

  19. 19 tina reynolds said at 2:51 pm on December 17th, 2009:

    I love the playmobil sets they inspire so much imagination play my son can play for hours and get really creative thanks for the chance

  20. 20 tina reynolds said at 2:52 pm on December 17th, 2009:

    im a fan on facebook my id is lepaige

  21. 21 Laura said at 4:48 pm on December 17th, 2009:

    The farm set is a cute idea!!!

  22. 22 Ginny said at 6:54 pm on December 17th, 2009:

    My daughter loves Playmobil. She has a cool prirate treasure set & a bunch of princess/prince figures. She would love the Tree Stump with Fairy & other fairy sets. I will have to pick those up for her!

  23. 23 Ginny said at 6:55 pm on December 17th, 2009:

    facebook fan

  24. 24 Ginny said at 6:57 pm on December 17th, 2009:

    twitter ~ momof2dancers

  25. 25 melissa said at 7:57 pm on December 17th, 2009:

    I think there are endless teaching opportunities with these toys, like teaching them to share, teaching them about underwater things like fish, animals etc.

  26. 26 melissa said at 7:58 pm on December 17th, 2009:

    Im following playmobil on twitter, contestmama is my id. thanks

  27. 27 melissa said at 7:59 pm on December 17th, 2009:

    I tweeted

  28. 28 playmobil airport said at 3:33 am on September 10th, 2010:

    Absolutely a great gift for your kids,In fact every Christmas I pack a playmobil set for my children enable for them to learn and enjoy playing.As of now they have a 10 set of playmobil it includes playmobil hospital and airport.

  29. 29 playmobil zoo said at 4:57 am on November 12th, 2010:

    Most children draw people with circular and smiling faces,that’s why all playmobil action figures have “smiley faces” that appeal to kids.That whenever you give gifts to them they really become happy and draw a big smile in their faces.

  30. 30 Nicole said at 6:33 pm on December 2nd, 2010:

    I have been eyeing Playmobil toys for my kids for awhile and they seem to be great toys that get consistently wonderful reviews from parents. The African Safari looks fun with the jeep and all the different animals.

  31. 31 playmobil castle said at 10:18 am on December 5th, 2010:

    Playmobil can be an educational toy as well. It’s good for your children playing that because it’s not just simply makes a child enjoy and kill time but there are things he can learn while playing it. I hope I could get one for little brother.

  32. 32 ryder said at 7:52 pm on December 8th, 2010:

    we use animals form noah and big ship for learning animals, playmobil rules

  33. 33 Bethany said at 3:31 pm on December 10th, 2010:

    We homeschool and use Story of the World for history–last year when we were studying Egypt, we collected the entire Egypt set–pyramid and all. This year we’re studying Medieval times and slowly collecting the castle series. Thanks for the chance!

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