Sleeping soundly with Naturepedic.

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Everyone wants what’s best for baby, but sometimes it seems like those ideals are skewed. Fancy designer baby gear is often replacing the real things that are actually “best” for baby.

Babies sleep. A LOT. In fact, it’s said that they spend almost 70% of their early life sleeping and/or playing on on a crib mattress. They are breathing in whatever is in that crib mattress you buy, so wouldn’t it makes sense to make sure it’s good for them? A few weeks ago, Naturepedic sent me one of their No-Compromise Organic Cotton Ultra Mattresses. This mattress comes fully loaded with a Premium Organic Waterproof Cover, Organic Cotton Filling & an Orthopedic Innerspring. It’s the most beautiful mattress I have ever seen and Clementine was instantly happy when I put her down on it (see the before & after photographic evidence above). Since we’ve been using it, I swear she’s been sleeping better. Naturpedic mattresses are completely free of vinyl/PVC and polyurethane foam, are hypoallergenic and have been tested for chemical emissions and certified by GREENGUARD® to meet their strict standards for children. They feature organic cotton fabric with an easy-to-clean clear food grade 100% polyethylene waterproof coating. Stuff just literally wipes right off of this mattress. I give it a quick wipe when I change Clementine’s sheet and it looks brand new again.

Naturepedic was founded by Barry A Cik, a seasoned environmental engineer (and a very nice guy) and is the first and only mattress company that specializes exclusively in the design and manufacturing of infant and children’s mattresses that promote natural and organic materials, a non-toxic design, fire-safety, and baby health. They’ve enlisted the help of pediatricians, orthopedic specialists, chemists, and engineers to make the best mattresses possible. Barry founded Naturpedic while waiting for the arrival of his first grandchild. After searching for a suitable and safe crib mattress and coming up emptyhanded, he decided to do something about it himself. We owe Barry a big Thank You as far as I’m concerned. Thank You Barry!

So the next time you’re coveting a 900.00 crib or a designer diaper bag, I say skip it and spend the money on one of these. Your baby will thank you later I’m sure. Naturepedic also offers a huge line of bedding accessories and larger mattresses so Mamas & Papas can sleep safe and comfy too! For more information visit and sleep well little babies.

One Comment on “Sleeping soundly with Naturepedic.”

  1. 1 Linzey said at 4:28 pm on July 21st, 2010:

    Ooo, thanks for posting this. I am super excited to see that they have portacrib sizes (we never bough a full-sized crib) and the price is not too crazy. Definitely mulling this over for baby number 2.

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