Music to my ears: Cambridge Soundworks i525

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I love music. I always have. I remember my first radio, it was a red single cassette boombox w/ detachable speakers & I thought it was the greatest thing ever. One of the first purchases I made with my first serious boyfriend was an Aiwa stereo, dual cassette and I think it had a cd player as well. With the onslaught of technology over the years, stereos sadly became obsolete to me (and to pretty much everyone I guess). I listened to music on the computer mostly, or in my car, and eventually on my ipod.

We fell into the nasty habit of not listening to music in our house. What is up with that? When V was in utero, I used to put my ear buds on my belly and play her songs on my ipod that she would hardly ever here after she was born. Jesse & I always talked about getting a stereo, but when you’re young, poor & have a new baby, it’s not really at the top of the “need to buy” list. I finally broke down and spent 30 bucks on an ipod dock at Radio Shack and the sound quality was so bad that I ended up mostly using it to just charge my ipod.

Then the best thing ever happened; Cambridge Soundworks sent us their new SoundWorks i525 iPod/AM/FM Clock Radio System and it is AWESOME. It’s a very unassuming little thing but it sounds amazing. If any of you know anything about Cambridge Soundworks, it should be that they are probably the best in the biz when it comes to audio quality. They’ve been doing it for twenty years after all… And so as not to bog you all down with a bunch of audio nerdspeak, I’ll just tell you again that this little thing kicks ass and it’s only 149.00, So cheap! It’s better than most stereos I’ve ever heard and we use it every single day. a LOT. Violet and I sing along to The Modern Lovers and have dance parties to DEVO in the kitchen. It’s the first thing we put on it the morning and the last thing we turn off at night. I love it, and It is so nice to have music in the house again. I want my girls to grow up knowing how important & wonderful music is and I’m sure they will now.

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