Crooked: Kristin Hersh

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In my last post I mentioned how much I love music. So I guess this post is fitting as a good follow up. This album is very close to my heart.

Kristin Hersh is an amazing lady to say the least. Not only is she sweet as pie but she manages to raise 4 amazing boys (and homeschool them to boot!), make super awesome spring rolls, has the best laugh, the most everchanging hair-dos and after all that, she is one of the most prolific musicians I’ve ever known. Not only does she have a solo career, she performs with Throwing Muses & 50 Foot Wave. Growing up in the same small town she did, her band back then, Throwing Muses were a big deal (obviously). I mean, they were awesome! I can’t believe I’m about to admit this but I seriously stole a due date card from our school library once because Tanya Donelly had taken the book out (God, I am so lame. Kristin, if you ever read this, please don’t judge me, I was 16).

As Kristin went solo, my listening faded, not because I didn’t like it, I was just kind of exploring other stuff, you know how it is. 4 years ago, my husband started working with Kristin on CASH Music, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides musicians the ability to communicate, promote and sell products directly to their audience (that’s the short version to say the least). In the years that they’ve been working together, I’ve had the luxury of getting re-aquainted with Kristin’s music and hear the new music she’s been putting out. Sometimes I am seriously stunned by how talented she is, it’s crazy.

Crooked is the newest release from Kristin and it’s been published in book form. Filled with lyrics, essays & breathtaking photographs by Lisa Fletcher (with layout done by my insanely talented husband), Crooked is pretty groundbreaking an album/book. It was a true labor of love for everyone involved, and to watch it unfold from the beginning was pretty amazing.

You can hear the full stream of Crooked here, buy it on iTunes here & order it on Amazon here.

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