Best. Weekend. Ever.

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I saw Andrew Bird this weekend. I can die now.

My super wonderful husband managed to get us passes to the Newport Folk Fest at the last minute. Holy smokes you guys, it was awesome. Not only was yesterday gorgeous weather-wise (I wore jeans & didn’t feel like dying!) but it was probably the longest amount of time Jesse & I have spent together, alone, since Violet was born almost 4 years ago.

We walked down to the water & hopped on a water taxi and got there just in time to see AA Bondy. He was incredible. He was on a small stage, so we had a really good view & at one point it started just barely raining. The ice cold drops of rain on such a sunny day combined with his music was almost magical. I wished his set had lasted forever.

So many great bands played yesterday; we saw Calexico, Blitzen Trapper, O’Death, Horsefeathers and the icing on the cake was Andrew Bird (for me anyway). When I was a kid I played violin and honestly? For a little kid I was pretty good. Giving it up is something that I still regret every day. Needless to say, I have always been a sucker for any music with strings, Andrew Bird being one of my favorites. He played the main stage & we were allowed to get close for the first couple of songs, It was heavenly. I never really get that geeky over musicians but hey, I’m a sucker for any guy that can play the violin AND he whistles like a champ. Well, and he is super dreamy…

We were supposed to go today and we were going to take Violet but she ended up running a fever all day. Jesse managed to make it down to see The Swell Season, I’m glad one of us got to.
Yesterday was so great that I wasn’t too sad about missing today (especially because I am currently rocking one of my worst sunburns ever); and I’d stay home with V & cuddle if she needed me to no matter what was happening. I’m mostly just disappointed that she didn’t get to go, I know she would have had such a good time. We were going to have ice cream & everything! Ah well.

I feel so honored to have been able to go, it was such a treat! You can listen to streams of all of the Folk Fest performances on NPR Music, I highly suggest you do.

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