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Okay, so maybe every other week? This Hand, Foot & Mouth grossness has really put a damper on my writing time. Also, how awesome is this Lego fail whale?

Windowfarms! These are so super cool.

Another Andrew Bird link, I love this song & Daytrotter is awesome too.

Violet’s godfather Chris builds beautiful bikes. Go drool over their Flickr stream.

Stop Trying to Be a Man Man is hilarious.

The Arcade Fire’s new Album ‘The Suburbs’ is available to stream on NPR Music. Go Listen!

I heart Holly Golightly.


Seventh Generation to Sell Products in Walmart Stores, Hell to Sell Ice

Okay, now usually I’m not a huge fan of this stuff (too much vomit for my liking) but my husband just showed me the trailer for the new Jackass 3D movie. That’s right, 3D. I think I have to see it. The trailer alone is worth it for the high-five at the end.

Okay, that’s it for me. Almost time to go get my hair cut. Have a great weekend everyone! xo

*photo courtesy of tveskov

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