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I heart flip flops. In fact, I heart almost any shoe that doesn’t have laces as there are some days that parenthood does not even allow me the brainpower to even tie my own shoes. I am always on the hunt for awesome flip flops and damn, I found them! This spring a friend of mine returned from a job in Hawaii (jealous) with some really awesome looking flip flops. After I complimented her, she had me try them on. Holy moly you guys, these are the most comfortable flip flops I have ever had the privilege of putting on my feet. I immediately googled them after she left and what I found was not only a very cool collection of flip flops, but an amazing story of how they came to be. I’d paraphrase but honestly, you should read it yourself, it really is a great story.

Kyle Berner started Feelgoodz in late 2007 after years of bouncing from job to job trying to figure out what would make him happy. All it took was a trip to Thailand for him to figure out that it was flip-flops. Not bad, right?

I am so impressed head to toe (no pun intended) with Kyle. Not only does he have a great vision, he makes an incredibly comfortable, fair-trade, ecologically sound product AND he’s all about Philanthropy. His business model is: People, Planet, Profit. These guys work really hard to oversee that the rubber tree farmers & flop manufacturers have a good quality of life. Feelgoodz has a partnership with and and will use 5% of net profits from flip-flop sales in 2010 to become America’s First Fair Trade Certified Rubber Product by January 1, 2011. Woot!

Feelgoodz are made of natural latex rubber that comes straight from the yang para latex rubber trees (it takes about 30-40 years for a rubber tree to be completely tapped out). This ensures the biodegradability of the flops in 4-5 years. Can you imagine? When your done wearing your Feelgoodz you can bury them in the backyard if you want! You can read all about their business model here. They also have an awesome Facebook page & a Twitter account so you can stay up to date w/ all of their sales, contests & codes. These are my go-to flip flops for the rest of my life, they are SO comfy & they come in the best colors. I have been wearing these near-constantly since I got them. I can even stroll Clementine for hours in them and not feel like collapsing afterward. Now all they need to do is makes smaller ones so Violet will stop stealing mine (see above). (hint hint Kyle)

Stop by Feelgoodz and have a look around, never will you be able to find a cooler company than these guys. Right now they are having the great 5-5-5 Flip-Flop Feeding Fiesta: $5 off your order, $5 flat rate shipping, 5 Thai children fed for an entire day with the code FIESTA upon checkout. Keep flopping Kyle!

Readers, shortly after I wrote this review last week I found out that Feelgoodz is in a lot of danger financially because of the BP oil spill. The article is here, but the short version is this: They had a shipment of 10,000 flops sitting in the Bahamas that was to go to Whole Foods. By the time they got to it, it was 2 months late & now Whole Foods is getting ready for colder weather items (ie: NOT flip flops). So now these guys are sitting on 10,00 pairs of flops and are in danger of not being able to repay their 50,000.00 Village Capital Funding loan. So, they are searching desperately for ways to unload 10,000 flops at lightning speed. Kyle has created a special discount code for readers of the blog who purchase a pair of flip flops. Enter CHANGE at checkout for $5 off and $5 flat rate shipping. No limit. Visit their online store here.

These guys are super cool and I absolutely believe in their company/product/mission. Please help them out! xo

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