Home Sweet Home

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We made it to Oregon! Moving cross country was by far one of the hardest things that I’ve ever done, but so far it’s been pretty worth it. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to get settled, we sold everything to get here. I mean, we really did; we just got kitchen chairs the other day.

Our neighborhood is cute and pretty walkable, we’re near the grocery store, hardware store, library & a postal station so we have all of our basics covered which is nice. Although, one of the things we also got rid of was our car, so I haven’t been able to explore too much past my neighborhood or easily bus-able areas.

The air here is so clean and the people are so nice! We’ve had people stop us to point out cool clouds & rainbows to us, as well as sit with us at the bus stop to chat after we’ve asked them for directions. It’s crazy. I have a feeling we may be here for a while.

I miss my family like crazy & so does Violet. We have been so lucky to be close to our parents thus far, we’ve had to lean on them a lot, and that was one of the hardest luxuries to give up. I’m so thankful for video chat these days.

So yeah, we’re settling in, trying to get new health coverage, getting library cards, changing over driver’s licenses, looking for things for V to do, all that fun (read: not fun) stuff that comes with moving. I’m hoping to get Littlewhirl up and running again very soon! We have a lot of cool reviews coming up so keep checking back! xo

Also, I have to mention that today I am celebrating our 6th anniversary. A nice lazy day after we went out for a really excellent family brunch. Can you say caramel brioche roll?

Oh, and if you have a couch you want to get rid of, feel free to send it over. *wink wink*

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