Say goodbye to achy eyes: Gunnar Optiks

Posted: September 21st, 2010 | No Comments »

Nowadays we all spend countless hours in front of a computer & it’s wreaking havoc on our eyes. Being a blogger and a parent means that I do a lot of my writing at night after the junior mints have gone to sleep. Harsh bedroom light & tired eyes make it even worse. Alas, I have discovered the solution: Gunnar Optiks!

Gunnar Optiks makes “digital performance eyewear” using i-AMP lens technology. To quote the website, they are: “Comprised of a proprietary lens material in an advanced geometry and finished with custom tuned lens tint and coatings, i-AMP lens technology can deliver an immediate and noticeable visual advantage in the short term, and provide performance in the long term”. All I know is that they make my eyes feel amazing after a long bout of writing, editing photos, reading gossip rag sites & researching. They are incredibly light, so they are easy to wear for long periods of time, incredibly durable (a big Thank You to Violet for testing that one out) and they have awesome spectrum control. After a couple of weeks of wearing these whenever I’m at the computer, I have definitely seen & felt the difference. No more stingy eyes, no more bouts of just sitting in my chair, rubbing my eyes endlessly. My husband is a software developer/ Graphic Designer and he steals them from me all. the. time. Except he totally wants a pair of the MLG Legends (shown above) so he’ll “look like Walter from The Big Lebowski”. I wonder how many times I’ll hear “I don’t roll on Shabbos”! if I actually cave & get him a pair. Eyeroll.

Gunnar also makes super stylish Outdoor & 3D eyewear. I am so happy to have found these; take THAT computer! Please visit and check them out. You can find them on Facebook & Twitter as well!

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