Reusable Bag Round-up!

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Reusable bags, almost everyone uses them now, and they’re just smart. I’ve been using them for years and years now and now my plastic bag collection is long gone (Thank God). Here’s my problem though, I always forget my bags in the car! So, I’ve been on a kick looking for awesome reusable bags that are compact enough that I can always have a few on me. I also think it’s really important to not only set a good example for my daughters but to teach them just how important actions like this are. Not to mention they come in really handy when you need a bag for whatever random kid crap you either need to tote along or happen to pick up along the way. So, without further ado, Here are the ones that now save me a trip out to the car (and look really good too).


Envirosax makes the prettiest bags. I’ve always heard people rave about them but I had never used one myself until they sent us one of their exclusive Sesame Street bags. First of all, V was so pumped to have a shopping bag with Cookie Monster on it that she claimed it as her own (I’m pretty sure that we are going to have to buy the rest of this collection). She loves having this bag at the grocery store and we always get compliments on it. Not only does this bag look great, it is a total workhorse as well. When you’re done using it, It rolls up and has two straps that snap that hold it together to hold it in place. Easy Peasy. It doesn’t have the long straps I usually prefer but I can still get it on my shoulder & it’s a nice bag to hook on a stroller handle. Envirosax had a massive collection of bags, from kids to organics, you can view their entire collection at:


Baggu Bags are awesome! They are huge for reusable shopping bags, they hold a TON of stuff.
We tested the straight up Baggu: They are 6” deep, 15” wide & 25” high and hold up to 50 lbs. Insane. Baggu bags fold flat into a square pouch so they are nice & slim, taking up almost no space in your purse or bag. This is my go-to bag for the really heavy stuff: canned goods, water, rice, etc. and it holds up like a champ. My favorite part about Baggu is that the more bags you buy, the cheaper they are! With almost 50 colors/prints/sizes to choose from, it won’t be hard to fall in love with more than one. You can see the entire Baggu collection by visiting:

Riesenthel Mini/Maxi shopper

These were the first really compact shopping bags I had & I love them. They are big, strong, a lovely shade of red & the pouch they come in has a little clip on it so I can clip them to my keychain when I use them & not lose the pouches (although I think that now the newer models zip closed). Riesenthel makes awesome bags (In fact, I have a review of there awesome Mother & child bag coming up soon, so check back!), that’s what they do. And they are AWESOME at it. I could spend an entire day looking at bags on their site, not kidding. I have had these bags since 2006 and they are still as perfect as the day I bought them. The Mini/Maxi’s are a bit different now, but only design-wise, I think the handles are longer, which is a quality I definitely like in a shopping bag. You can see their whole collection at

Flip & Tumble 24-7 bag

These Flip & Tumble are my personal favorite and I’ll tell you why. These bags come in little stretchy pods that stay attached to the bag itself. There’s no neat folding, not special pouch I have to keep track of, I can just shove it all back in the pouch and flip the lid over to make a cute little pod. Flip & Tumble bags are made from ripstop nylon, can hold up to 2x an average plastic grocery bag, are machine washable & they come in insanely cute colors. These bags also have one nice long strap which makes them really easy to sling over your shoulder and they stay there. There’s also a nifty little piece of felt at the top for comfort, how considerate! My shoulders thank you. I use these a lot when V & I bus it to the grocery store, which is often now that we’ve left our car back in Rhode Island. Flip & Tumble also does the “the more bags you buy, the cheaper they are”, which is awesome. These bags are great for anything, I never leave home without them. Flip & Tumble also makes really great produce bags (which we also use and love), mini-totes, pouches and larger shopper totes too! Visit them at

These bags are all so great. I love not having a whole milk crate & then some overflowing with random tote bags that I’ve picked up over the years. Now my collection is neat & tidy and loaded with awesomely strong & compact bags! What are your favorite reusable bags?

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