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Okay, is there anyone out there that doesn’t like BlaBla? I remember seeing them when I first got pregnant with V and I was so happy to see simple, beautiful soft toys for children. BlaBla was started by BFF’s Susan Prichett & Florence Wetterwald after a trip to Peru. They were so inspired by the amazing knit goods they saw there that they decided to start their own line of knitted products for our little ones; lucky us! Susan & Florence both have awesome bios, get to know a little more about them here.

BlaBla started with sweaters & hats and has now expanded to the most amazing dolls, rattles, blankets & puppets amongst other things. Susan generously sent us two BlaBlas: Celeste, a classic BlaBla Baby Doll for V & Clementine the monkey, another classic BlaBla for Clementine (of course). V has wanted a doll for ages but I was hesitant after a quick search of the interwebs showed me nothing but dolls with too many accessories that usually talked or did something else creepy. When V saw Celeste, her eyes lit up. She brought her along to school every day this summer (where I hear she was very popular with the other girls) and she sleeps with her every night. She is so soft and huggable & V loves her to pieces. The same can be said for Clem & Clementine, they room in her crib and are rarely ever apart! The photograph above is from the first day they had them & could not get them to stop playing for even a second so I could get a clear shot!

BlaBla dolls are produced in Peru by local artisans. They use hand picked cotton, dyes that have been safety tested & polyester fiber filling. BlaBlas meet all US & European safety standards. They can be hand washed or cycle washed (on gentle of course) and hung or laid flat to try. We haven’t had to wash ours yet but V often wants to take Celeste into the bath with her (insert toddler eye roll here).

I love these dolls and so do my girls. They are so lovable in design & materials you just want to snuggle with them. Knowing that they are made safely & fairly is a great thing and they are so cute that you always want more. V has already informed me of her love for Lola the Rocker & Bamboo the Panda…. You can view there whole line of dolls here but don’t forget to check out there lines of backpacks, paper goods, clothing and other great stuff at Oh, and don’t forget to check out their sale section!

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  1. 1 Jacqueline said at 1:10 am on December 13th, 2010:

    Oh my gosh, I just checked out this site and I’m in love. Thanks for the introduction. I’m certain I will be buying something from here in the future!

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