Get hooked on Ditto Hangers!

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I hate hangers, do you? The way they always get hooked on one another and then start an avalanche that ends up in a big tangle? Gah! So lame. I tried to go the route of wooden hangers but unless you spend the dough to get the good ones, they just split in half. So dear readers, I have found the answer for those of you who also suffer from hanger hate: Ditto hangers!

Did you know that every year EIGHT BILLION hangers go into the landfill? That’s insane! Hangers can last over a thousand years and are full of stuff like the always dreaded BPA and Benzene….and it all gets leached into our ground water. Ditto paper hangers are made from 100% recycled paper and 100% recyclable PET plastic. They use soy based inks, starch based adhesives and are certified to be non-toxic. Using Ditto hangers will save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, 4000 kw of energy and 7000 gallons of water (for 1 ton of paper over virgin paper). Can the crappy hangers you are using right now do that? I didn’t think so.

Gary, the awesome CEO of Ditto very kindly sent me some ditto hangers to test. I love them. Not only are they really easy to manage, they come in a wide variety of sizes (even kid sizes!) and are super flat, so you end up being able to hang more clothes. I’ve been using them in V’s closet and I definitely want to order more (especially since we left all of our hangers back in Rhode Island!). And as you can see, they also make great teething toys (I kid, I kid…) I had a picture of our closet originally but this one is way cuter.

Ditto designs hangers for your business and your home and they are very good at it. They have a great FAQ section on their website so you can read all about how beneficial they are. You can read Gary’s bio here and you’ll see for yourself what a spectacular & talented team he has with him. Fun Fact: Gary & I were also born in the seaside town. Small world!

A 10-pack of regular 17″ hangers will run you about 15 bucks, which is a small price to pay to have the peace of mind that you are contributing to one of the worst offenders of the landfills. They are sturdy, holding up to 20 lbs and light and they look really nice in your closet! Everyone should use these, really. see the entire line of Ditto hangers here and shop shop shop! Your local landfill is counting on you!

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